Cattle Dogs need help in Palm Desert

Cattle Dogs need help in Palm Desert

Hi all This is a horrific situation in Palm Desert that she has been dealing with for several years. A woman named Bernadette, (a hoarder), Kitty’s neighbor, has been breeding cattle dogs and she is beyond insane. Kitty has put together an incredibly informative description of this horrible mess. Dogs are dying. There is a witness statement attached and also below the pics. I don’t know where to begin to help this but I am starting with making everyone aware of what is going on. Please post far and wide and lets get this wonderful woman some help. She is way overwhelmed and no one has been helping her. Below are updates she has been sending me. A lot to read but very urgent Animal control is not getting involved, either. She needs: • Pallets of dog food • Dog bowl • Contact for animal control- Riverside County AC is doing nothing • Traps • Donations for food and vet. • Places for the dogs to go when trapped • Contact as many Cattle dog rescues as possible • Press. This story has GOT to get out on the media. You can contact Kitty direct: 760 485-9657 Email: Donate to vet: Animal Clinic of Desert Hot Springs 13120 Palm Drive Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240 Vet: Dr. Kip Madsen Phone: #760-329-8765 Fax: #760-329-6219 Office manager: Cindy Earmark for “Kitty’s Rescues”

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5 thoughts on “Cattle Dogs need help in Palm Desert

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    • Hi everyone thank you so much for your interest in helping. Please contact the numbers and emails on the post. The poor woman is trying to help these dogs there in the desert. You can also contact the local authorities and insist on them helping. You can call the Coachella Animal Shelter at 760-851-8484 and ask for Christina or speak to an operator. They need to go out there and help the situation which so far they haven’t and those dogs are suffering with no food, water or shelter.

  2. Has she been in touch with the Palm Springs Animal Shelter? They have some rescue partners (such as Animal Rescue Corps, who specializes in complex large-scale rescues) and may be able to direct her to more resources.
    Via Kezia Jauron on Facebook.

  3. I have a friend interested in the cattle dog
    Situation. He said he left a message
    On the number provided. Please email me and I will give you his information.
    Thank you,
    Tracy mcintyre.

  4. As I understand it, the fully funded dog rescue group, Simi Valley Missing Pets Rescue has been trying to rescue these dogs only to be stymied by local people posing as “rescue groups” who are asking people to donate money to help these dogs. There is a Cattle Dog rescue organization in Northern California, Herd it through the Grapevine, who is working with the Simi Valley group to get these dogs out, but all efforts have been blocked by the Riverside County District Attorney. Meanwhile, all of California is in the middle of an awful heat wave and these dogs are out in the god awful heat.

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